The Tennessee Valley, along with the rest of the United States has been experiencing a deep freeze! For us here in our area, this air was some of the coldest we have seen since 2018. On Sunday, Muscle Shoals was able to break its stretch of below-freezing temperatures! After a total of 65 hours, the temperature warmed to 34 degrees!

For the Huntsville area, the temperature struggled to rise above 32 degrees. For this reason, the stretch of below-freezing temperatures continues. Heading into Monday, temperatures are forecast to rise into the mid to upper 30s. If this does happen, the stretch for Huntsville will come to an end with a total of 86 to 88 hours straight of below-freezing temperatures.

For the start of the week, temperatures will remain below average. Highs Monday are forecast to reach the mid to upper 30s while Tuesday will be in the 40s. While these temperatures will be below average, it is still better than the deep freeze we have been experiencing.

Winds will begin to pick up in intensity late Wednesday into Thursday morning. As opposed to previous days, the wind will shift out of the south. This strong southerly wind flow will surge warm air and moisture into the region. Temperatures by Thursday are forecast to warm to 60 degrees, before reaching the mid-60s by the weekend.

The warmer-than-average temperatures are forecast to continue through the start of the new year! I’m sure many will be excited to put that brutally cold air in the past!