Deadly storms sweep through Georgia Sunday morning

The Weather Authority

Tornado Reports 1/22/17

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ATLANTA, Ga (AP) – Georgia Emergency Management officials confirmed to the Associated Press that eleven people were killed and another 23 injured in Southern Georgia early Sunday morning. The deaths occurred in Cook, Brooks, and Berrien Counties, where a possible tornado occurred. 2 deaths were confirmed to be from the town of Barney in Brooks County. In Cook County Sunshine Acres, a mobile home park, was described by Cook County Coroner Tim Purvis as being “leveled” from the night’s storm.

Tornado warnings have been issued throughout the morning along and just north of the Florida-Georgia State line. The National Weather Service office in Tallahassee, FL has received 3 storm reports from the potential tornado. The reports came out of Brooks, Cook, and Berrien Counties and are listed below:

Local Storm Report by NWS TAE: 1 NW Barney [Brooks Co, GA] 911 call center reports TORNADO at 03:32 AM EST — *** 2 fatal *** damage reported in brooks county with dual-pol tds. fatalities occurred when a house was displaced onto highway 122.

Local Storm Report by NWS TAE: 4 SE Adel [Cook Co, GA] emergency mngr reports TORNADO at 03:45 AM EST — *** 7 fatal *** ems relayed report from emergency manager that these fataltities had occurred with one person still missing.

Local Storm Report by NWS TAE: 2 NW New Lois [Berrien Co, GA] law enforcement reports TORNADO at 03:50 AM EST — *** 2 fatal *** damage along old lois road. likely continuation of tornado from cook county. fatalities confirmed by sherrif. reported by walb-tv.

This comes just one day after severe weather killed 4 in Mississippi Saturday morning. The system that has been sparking off storms across the Southeast over the weekend will move east today, bringing another round of potentially severe storms to Southern Alabama, Southern Georgia, and Northern Florida. Southern Georgia and Northern Florida have been outlined for a high risk of severe weather, including the threat of strong tornadoes, Sunday by the Storm Prediction Center.

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