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Wednesday was a busy day for me!  I managed to luck out and have the chance to see two groups of bright faces in one day: Creekside Elementary’s Third Grade in Capshaw and the four and five-year-olds at Wall Highway Baptist Church Mother’s Day Out near Madison.

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My first stop at Creekside gave me a chance to see some cool students who know summer vacation isn't far away!  Creekside is the largest school in the Limestone County system, and it's growing.  Our big group almost filling the cafeteria was just a small part of the 1200 students that make up the school.

I hit them with some trick questions early on to show them how tough it can be to get to the right answer when you don't have all of the information you need.  Then, we talked about tornadoes, why we have to have thunderstorms, and the water cycle; they asked some really good, thoughtful questions that show the quality learning environment they come to every day.

After I finished up with the students at Creekside, I made a stop four miles away at a place that is ver special to my family: Wall Highway Baptist Church Mother's Day Out!  My son Walt and daughter Shelby go to preschool there, and they love it.  I saw the four-year-olds and five-year-olds (including the Kindergarten), and we read a fun book called Underpants Thunderpants.  It's about a dog who's laundry gets blown away by a thunderstorm!

Thanks to the teachers (and Mr. Scott and Mr. Taylor) at Creekside and to our extended family (especially Mrs. Tracy, she made the awesome cake) at Wall Highway for letting me come be a part of the day with your students!

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