Cooler weather finally arrives on Thursday

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It’s been so hot lately that most of us have forgotten the downright chilly, damp weather of early September. The first twelve days of the month averaged about six degrees below ‘average.’ The past twelve days have been about six degrees above average.

Tired of the heat yet? We still have a few days to go before cooler, more pleasant weather arrives.

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Don't get too excited for cold nights, sweaters, etc. There won't exactly be a nip in the air with this cool down; it's more of a return to 'normal' for late September than a taste of October or November.

The average high temperature in Huntsville for the final week of September is around 80-81ºF.

There's no danger of a frost or freeze anytime soon, so don't worry about getting your heavy coat out just yet.

Long-range guidance doesn't show the Huntsville area with even a whiff of temperatures near freezing until early November; even then, that appears to be a very low chance.

The first freeze of the season typically happens between October 17th and November 1st.

Unless a quick cold snap too small to notice in the longer-term trends tumbles temperatures to the 30s around mid-October, we see generally near to above-normal temps for most of the month.

That's almost exactly the kind of weather we'd expect in a La Niña fall season (which we are technically entering right now).

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