Cooler Than Average Weather Through Late August: What That Means For Us

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We’re going to see some relief from the typical August heat for the next couple of weeks. The Climate Prediction Center has noted they have a high confidence temperatures will be below average next week.

Temperatures below average for much of the Eastern U.S. next week

Now, this map can be tricky to interpret at first glance. It does NOT suggest how cold things are going to get, only the confidence that the temperatures for that 5 day period will be below average. The darker the blue, the higher the confidence. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the darker blues are colder than the lighter blues. It also doesn’t rule out one or two days being hot, just than when you average things out it will be cooler than the average for that time period. So what is average?

In August, the average high temperature is usually in the low 90s, and the average low temperature is in the upper 60s or low 70s. At the end of this week into next week, I’d expect more days to top out in the 80s, with more evenings in the 60s. It will still be warm, but it won’t be quite as oppressively hot and humid in the afternoon. You may notice the difference even more in the evenings, when temperatures drop lower into the 60s. That, combined with the lower humidity, will make for some downright comfortable nighttime weather next week.

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