Cooler air finally makes an appearance on Friday!

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Thursday’s cold front was slow to make much of an impression around here because it came through with few clouds and very little rainfall.  Usually a front like this would have clouds and rain helping to beat down the heat ahead of it; a day of full sunshine with a cold front meant very little change at first.

The cooler air is moving in, and it’s going to feel much better for the next few days.

Expect a low around 59ºF Friday morning: almost ten degrees lower than Thursday morning’s starting point. Friday afternoon looks warm and dry with a stiff north breeze up to 20 miles per hour. This ‘cool down’ is not permanent; in fact, we see another spell of warmer weather coming (highs 5ºF to 10ºF above average) between October 5th and October 13th.

Football Friday and the weekend: It won’t feel like mid-October, but at least it’s an improvement! Drier, cooler air in Alabama and Tennessee on Friday means a pleasant night for high school football: not too hot, not too cool. Expect kick off temperatures around 70ºF to 75ºF; it drops to the mid-60s by the fourth quarter with a clear sky and light north breeze.

Saturday and Sunday look like fantastic days to enjoy the outdoors or do outdoor work around the house. Expect a high both days near 80ºF with low humidity and a northeast breeze.

Changeable weather next week: A strong area of high pressure driving cooler, drier air south now moves to the East Coast over the weekend.

The wind shifts to the east-southeast, and Atlantic moisture brings clouds and some spotty showers across the region on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The chance of rain is low for now: about 10 percent .  Most of the rain should miss us to the south.

That may need to be adjusted as we watch to see how much moisture is able to return.

There is also potential for a tropical system in the Caribbean late next week that could turn north into the Gulf of Mexico. If that happens, our generally ‘dry and warm’ forecast would likely turn quite a bit wetter and cooler.

Need some specifics about the weekend or next week? They’re always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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