Cool and Rainy Pattern So Far This Summer

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Land Surface Temperature Anomaly [Day] (1 month) | NASA
Land Surface Temp Anomalies for June 2021

This has been a rather unusually cool and rainy Summer for us. Temperatures ran over 2° below average in Huntsville in June, and we’re at over 3.5° below normal so far in July. We had over an inch and a half more rain than normal in June, and so far in July we’re on pace for a much rainier July than normal too. We’ve enjoyed a rather cool summer, but the Western U.S. has been experiencing incredibly hot and dry weather.

The better odds are this cooler and wetter pattern continue through the rest of July.

That doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods for a heat wave though. These forecasts are for an average temperature over the course of weeks, not individual days. We might sneak a couple of hot days in between a cooler overall week. In addition, August is one of our hottest months, so we’ve got a chance to build some heat in by then, and as we saw in 2019, we can get extreme heat as late in the year as October.

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– Alex Puckett

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