Collinsville Sixth Grade Kidcam!

The Weather Authority

Our weather and STEM traveling ‘show’ ended up at Collinsville School on Friday morning where I got to spend about an hour with some great Sixth Graders!

We used a lot of experiments from a pressure globe to a bicycle pump and a bottle to a Van de Graff generator to prove things about the atmosphere and weather that they already had some understanding of from class; in this case, proving the case for air pressure’s importance, nature’s mission to find balance in the atmosphere, and respect for the power of storms was pretty fun and engaging.

Thanks to Melissa Smith and her colleagues for inviting me to Collinsville and to the students for the great willingness to share knowledge and learn more!

Data pix.

Also a special 'thank you' to my friend Pastor Zach Richards from Union Grove Baptist Church for being my assistant today!  I could not have put all of the equipment together without a second set of hands!


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