Cold Saturday And Deep Freeze Saturday Night Could Lead To Burst Pipes

The Weather Authority

The quick forecast for the rest of the weekend is:

  • It was really cold
  • It’s gonna stay pretty cold

That’s about it. The clouds and northwest breeze kept temperatures in the 30s today, and wind chills, for the most part, stayed in the 20s. Temperatures dip into the 20s tonight.

We might even get a couple of cold spots in the teens. With a hard freeze on the way, take care of the 4 “P”s tonight.

Protecting pipes when temperatures dip this low, especially considering the lack of sunshine and cold weather during the day today, is important. Check out the slideshow to see why you need to protect your pipes, and what you can do as temperatures drop tonight.

Things warm up a little bit on Sunday. We’re not expecting things to even get back to average, but some sunshine does break through, which helps bring temperatures into the 40s in the afternoon.

We’re still keeping an eye on our winter weather chances this week. Read more about those in our forecast discussion or in our latest blog post on it.

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