Cold Rain Dominates The Weather This Weekend

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Saturday started off with decent enough weather: skies were cloudy with temperatures in the mid 40s, which was slightly warmer than they had been previous mornings. That milder air is being pulled in by a breezy southeasterly wind, which will keep our temperatures above freezing for the remainder of the weekend.

That’s the best news about the weather we have for you this weekend: it won’t drop below freezing. Otherwise, it gets damp quickly on Saturday and stays that way through Sunday. A wave of widespread, cold rain will move through between 12PM and 7PM on Saturday ahead of an approaching cold front front. The cold front swings through Saturday night, leaving us with lingering showers through Sunday morning.

The rain paired with a wind up to 20mph Saturday, will make it feel quite chilly! Temperatures stay in the upper 40s Saturday afternoon, but the ‘feels like’ temperatures will be in the 30s all day.

Sunday won’t be so bone-chilling, since showers will be lighter and spottier than Saturday’s rain. The overcast skies will make it tough for temperatures to warm up though, keeping us near or just under 50°F Sunday afternoon.

Winter Hits The Midwest: The rain that we’ll see this weekend is with a much larger winter storm system impacting the eastern US. While our weather is going to be dreary, it’s not the worst of this system by a long shot. Persistent snow showers have already started across Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana Saturday morning.

Up to a foot of snow is expected over the St. Louis area, with anywhere from 2-12 inches possible over the rest of the eastern Midwest Region. Snow will thin out Sunday, but as temperatures drop below freezing overnight many of these communities will be facing icy conditions into early next week.

The entire eastern US will finally get a break by Midweek, as drier air settles over us Tuesday and Wednesday.

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