Cold-hearted wind chills in store for Valentine’s Day

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Drier air blowing in started out over the Arctic a few days ago, so it gets dry and COLD!  Expect lows in the 20s early Friday morning, and a cold north wind prevents a big warm-up on Friday: highs in the upper 30s in the higher terrain, lower 40s in the valleys even with a fully-sunny sky.

But it will feel even colder than what the thermometer is telling you, since the wind will consistently blow from the north. As a result, “feels like” wind chill values will be in the teens Friday morning and only in the low 30s for Friday afternoon!

Patchy ice and a hard freeze to begin Valentine’s Day

The cold gets serious again early Friday: up to 12 hours below freezing from Thursday night to mid-morning Friday, several hours in the 20s, and a wind chill in the teens early in the day!

Some patchy ice is possible on roads that typically stay wet following a heavy rainfall. “Wet weather springs” running at a trickle overnight could be frozen solid by morning, so be alert! Anything that looks wet is probably ice before the sun warms us up again Friday morning.

Mostly dry through the weekend

So Friday looks cold, but Saturday and Sunday offer some improvements. It will still be chilly, but at least it’s D-R-Y!

A quiet, calm Friday night leads to a frigid Saturday morning: lows in the lower and middle 20s again. The sky stays mostly sunny Saturday, and that (along with a light southeast breeze) helps bring some ‘moderation’ to the chill: highs in the 50s in the afternoon.

Sunday’s sky turns a little gray by afternoon, and there is a small chance that some rain over South Alabama could sneak this far north in the form of some light showers or sprinkles in the afternoon. Most of us won’t see a drop of rain again until sometime Monday.

Unfortunately, rain is in the forecast once we get past the weekend. Check The Weather Authority Forecast Discussion for updated details on the rain’s arrival.

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