The National Weather Service in Huntsville announced changes to the flood stages for the Tennessee River at Decatur. The Action Stage has been lowered to 7 feet, down by 1.5 feet, and the Minor Flood Stage has been lowered to 9 feet, down by 1 foot. The changes made will go into effect on Monday, August 1st.

After field surveys and collaboration with the Morgan County Emergency Management Agency and Tennessee Valley Authority, the NWS decided to lower the action stage and minor flood stage. Backwater flooding upstream of the river gage can cause significant problems for those located upstream. When flood waters reach 9-10 feet, more than 90 percent of the campsites at The Point Mallard Campground are affected.

Michelle Amin, the Hydrology Program Manager for the NWS, says “these changes will further highlight exactly what threats occur at specific levels along the Tennessee River, enhancing decision-making of our partners and the public prior to/during times of flood.”

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The highest crest on record at this gage was 14.80 feet in 1867. Another mentionable crest, of 10.11 feet, led to significant flooding at Point Mallard Campground in 2019. On February 23rd, Decatur saw record-breaking rainfall when 3.03 inches fell.