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There are good days, there are great days, and then there are days you get to spend 30 minutes in a room full of Kindergarteners: smiling, listening, learning and having fun!

That’s what I did Wednesday morning; I spent a half-hour talking with the Kindergarten students at Cedar Hill Elementary in Ardmore, and we had a blast!  They were snoring, but only because I told them to do it (they follow directions really well)!

Kindergarten ‘visits’ are different than any other for me because I spend more time introducing ideas than teaching specific things.  We usually talk about three things: why we need rain, why we have seasons, and a little about what to do in severe weather (the main idea is to listen to mom, dad, teacher, etc. to know what they need to do).

I read the book Bear Snores On to talk about how the animals even know the seasons and change their behavior accordingly.

A special thanks to Mrs. Music for inviting me to Cedar Hill today!

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