Bye September – Hello October: What To Expect

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It’s almost comical to look at what we typically expect in October and see the reality. Though we start October Tuesday, record highs and dry weather continue. There is no significant chance of rain over the next seven days. That’s not a surprise as October is historically the driest month of the year. The heat, however, is not. We will have multiple days with highs in the middle to upper 90s as more records are broken. Here is a look at the highs and records through Friday.

Four more records likely get broken this week! (orange: highs/records: red)

The all-time record high for the month of October is 96°F (October 8, 1911) and we have a chance to shatter that on Tuesday as we head into October. Look at the averages for the month of October. By Halloween, the normal is only 70°/46°! We’re normally talking scattered frost by then. There have been years where the week after the Alabama/Tennessee game snow has been reported in the Smoky Mountains. Could be go from one extreme to the other? Only time will tell!

Speaking of extreme to the other! Montana got blanketed with over two feet of snow for the weekend while we stay hot and dry in the Tennessee Valley. I asked Steve and Melissa during the morning show which would they rather have. Do you want a blizzard like parts of Montana received? Do you prefer to keep things the way they are with hot and dry air? Here is their answer.

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