Brutally hot day for college football

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Dangerous heat at Bryant-Denny today: 3 p.m. is about the worst time to kick off a football game today in Tuscaloosa, but that’s the time slot the Crimson Tide have today as they face New Mexico State in the home opener. It will be brutally hot and humid at kickoff, with the temperature in the upper 90s.

Dangerous heat at Alabama game.

For the players on the field, the heat index will be a factor today too. That number will be up into the triple digits.

Heat index well into the 100s on the field.

Of course, being in the direct sun will make a huge impact as well. In the stands, the fans will experience even higher temperatures. Temperatures usually run 5-10 degrees higher in the stands.

Dangerous heat for the fans today.

In the direct sunlight, around all the concrete and metal bleachers, the heat index could exceed 115°. If you’re headed to Tuscaloosa for the game today, keep this in mind. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, stay hydrated, head to shaded areas around the concourse from time to time, and if you begin to feel the signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, seek medical attention immediately.


Know the signs.

Auburn also hot, later game helps: Auburn has its home opener today against Tulane. Auburn kicks off at 6:30 p.m. meaning that the temperatures won’t be at their hottest at kickoff. Still, it will be quite warm, and if you’re tailgating the heat index will likely be above 100° so be sure to stay safe in the heat.

Not quite as brutal in Auburn.

The heat will be oppressive in North Alabama next week too, and rain makes a return to the forecast. Check out the latest forecast here.


– Meteorologist Alex Puckett

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