Brutal Cold Weather On The Way Next Week

The Weather Authority

Models are coming into agreement that a big shot of cold air will move into the Tennessee Valley next week. When we’re more than a few days out from a weather event, ensemble models (basically a big group of slightly different models averaged together) can give a better idea of what to expect, and the ensembles are showing that very cold air is on the way.

Now, keep in mind that these are models, not a forecast. Those numbers won’t be spot on. But we have high confidence in some seriously cold weather (especially for mid November) Veteran’s Day and Tuesday. There’s still some fairly considerable spread between the individual models that make up the ensembles, which means there’s still some uncertainty as to exactly how cold it gets to start next week, but there’s absolutely a chance we could start Tuesday in the teens and only make it into the 30s in the afternoon. As we head through the rest of this week, we will fine tune the forecast and get a better idea of exactly how cold we get, but be prepared to dust off those heavy winter coats next week.

Meteorologist Alex Puckett



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