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Sunny, warm Fridays before long weekends can be a big challenge for students – especially when a special guest is coming! That may sound like a problem, but it really makes for a fun morning. I visited the Third Grade at Brookhill Elementary in Athens before lunch today, and I found some great, energetic, and smart students!

These kids are just old enough to remember what happened in Limestone County (and the rest of the state for that matter) back on April 27, 2011, so when we started talking about tornadoes, it really hit home for them. They stared in amazement at some of the pictures and videos showing how powerful tornadoes can be, and they did a good job learning how to think critically by evaluating the ‘whole picture’ before making a decision about identifying scary-looking clouds.

Brookhill is always one of my favorite stops. The school is full of great teachers and fantastic students, and I enjoy getting to spend some time with them!

Here’s the video we showed on WHNT News 19 at Five:

Here are some of the Tweets from this morning’s program…

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