It is crazy to think that earlier in the week, Huntsville saw record breaking temperatures and now we will see the coldest air of the season! An upper-level low passing through the Great Lakes region will lead to a trough in the jet stream.

This dip in the jet stream will lead to arctic cold air for not only the Southeast but the majority of the country! A strong northerly wind flow will help filter in this shot of cold air.

Temperatures across the Tennessee Valley are forecast to dip into the mid to upper 20s Saturday and Sunday night. The coldest air looks to park itself across portions of southern middle Tennessee. Those colder valley areas have a chance to dip into the low 20s.

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Another issue will be the wind chills. With a sustained wind between 5-15 mph and occasional gusts over 20 mph, it will feel much cooler. By Sunday and Monday morning, wind chills could be as low as 20 degrees. Throughout Sunday, even though we will see sunshine it will not help temperatures, as wind chills could still be in the 30s.

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When air temperatures and wind chills are this low it is important to find ways to stay warm. During the cold weather months, the wind makes temperatures feel much colder. The human body generate heat to keep us warm. When it is windy, that heat is pushed away from our bodies making us cold.

This is why it is crucial to bundle up during times of bitter cold temperatures. You also want to make sure you are taking care of your furry friend, they should be brought indoors! Stick with the Weather Authority as we keep you updated on this cold snap!