Well, it has been no secret that the start of 2022 has started off with a bang across not only the Tennessee Valley but the majority of the United States. From near-record warmth and a severe weather outbreak to bitter cold and the first snow of the season! As we head into the end of the weekend, temperatures will be warmer than what we saw Saturday,

So far for the month of January, 68 percent of the days have been below average. Our lowest high temperature occurred on January 21st when our high was 32 degrees, that is 20 degrees below average! The warmest high temperature occurred on New Year’s day during the severe weather outbreak we saw. The high temperature in Huntsville that day was 79 degrees which were 27 degrees above average.

Coldest average temperatures on record

Although temperatures have been on the cooler side so far for the month of January, it has not been the coldest on record. The Month to date average temperature for 2022 is 40.3 degrees, making it the 49th coldest January on record if the month ended today. The coldest January on record is a tie between 1977 and 1918 when the average high was 27.8 degrees.

What to expect for the remainder of the month

6-10 Day Temperature Outlook for from the Climate Prediction Center (CPC)

Heading into the end of January, the Climate Prediction Center is forecasting below-average temperatures. The above photos show that northern Alabama has a 60 to 80 percent chance of seeing below-average temperatures between January 28th through February 1st.

During this time period, the average high temperature is 53.6 degrees. In the graphic above, the areas shaded in blue represent the potential for below-average high temperatures. The darker the shade of blue the higher the likelihood of this occurring. This doesn’t mean that every day we will see high temperatures below 53.6 degrees, it just means there will be the potential for it to occur.