This weekend marks the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. This is typically when the Atlantic is most active for tropical systems. This year, however, the Atlantic looks to be settling down, at least for the time being.

Not too long ago the Atlantic was busy with Hurricane Danielle, then Hurricane Earl forming. Both of those storms remained out in the open Atlantic away from the United States. Now that Danielle has faded and Earl is moving away, there are not as many areas to watch in the Atlantic.

The latest Tropical Update

For now, there is only one area of interest off the coast of Africa. This area only has a low chance of development over the next five days. This doesn’t mean that another storm won’t form in the days to come, but it is possible that we will see a lull in tropical activity.

Saharan dust continues to be a limiting factor for storm development. This dry, dusty air limits and chokes off thunderstorm development in the Atlantic. Thus limiting the number of tropical systems. For now, more Saharan dust is expected to move out into the open Atlantic, hindering any tropical development over the next few days.

While presently there are factors that are limiting tropical development in the Atlantic, there is still half of the season left to go. We still have time for conditions to change and for more storms to develop later on.

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