Athens Elementary Third Grade Kidcam!

The Weather Authority

Friday morning was fun time in the Athens Elementary Third Grade.  Meteorologist Alex Puckett and I set up our experiments to prove some things about our atmosphere:

  1. it’s made of something real
  2. those real things along with the energy from the sun drive the weather
  3. those real things have other energy that we don’t often think of (electrical charges)

Mrs. Kate Armstrong invited us to be a part of the “Prepared not Scared” PBL (Project Based Learning) unit.  It was so much fun to see the lights come on when we could show them things in the hands of their teachers that connected very abstract ideas like the water cycle and lightning with what they’ve learned so far this year!

Data pix.

Here are some of the snapshots from our cloud in a bottle and Van de Graff generator experiments!  Thanks to these awesome teachers for being so willing to participate!

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