Another week in the 90s, but is rain on the way?

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Labor Day took place on September 2 this year, but Summer just won’t leave the party when it comes to the brutal heat!

Huntsville has officially recorded 75 days with daytime highs in the 90s — the average number is 60, and unfortunately, there is plenty of time to add to this count!

Dry air and plentiful sunshine will allow temperatures to reach the upper 90s Monday, and a few areas in north Alabama may touch the triple digits Monday afternoon.

Humidity returns Tuesday, and coupled with the hot temperatures, it will feel down right oppressive. Heat Index values may reach the 100-110 degree mark, so stay hydrated and take plenty of breaks if you must spend long periods outdoors.

It hasn’t rained in nearly two weeks


The increase in humidity as well as the hot daytime temperatures bring a slightly silver lining: the potential for rain and thunderstorms. At this point, the chance of rain is just that — a *chance*, and not everyone will receive the beneficial downpours.

It’ll be a case of the haves and the have nots with rain totals. Some folks see nothing, others see an inch or more.

Keep in mind that model is not going to be able to resolve fine enough details to determine who sees a downpour each day. Instead, note how some folks get a good soaking and others miss out entirely. That general pattern is what we expect next week.

Rain would certainly be a blessing, especially since we are squarely in the middle of the driest months of the year. Drought conditions are building in northeast Alabama, and the lack of rainfall coupled with the high temperatures will unfortunately make the drought worse. For additional updates on this week’s rainfall potential, be sure to check the WHNT News 19 Forecast Discussion.

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