Another Tropical Storm Possible Later This Week

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Today is the first day of hurricane season for the Atlantic basin. We’ve already had Arthur and Bertha. We may have Cristobal later this week. Moisture over the Yucatan Peninsula could head to the southern Gulf of Mexico later this week as our next tropical depression.

Heavy storms over Central America Monday Morning

The National Hurricane Center gives this an 80% (HIGH) chance of development over the next five days. 

Where is this system going?

It’s too early to tell as guidance has the system all over the place. It’s something we’ll have to monitor in the coming days.

Models are in disagreement on where this system is going.
1. A large area of disturbed weather, associated with the remnants of 
eastern Pacific Tropical Storm Amanda, is located over the Yucatan 
peninsula of Mexico.  This disturbance is forecast to move 
northwestward over the southeastern portion of the Bay of Campeche 
later today or tonight where environmental conditions are expected 
to be conducive to support development, and a new tropical 
depression is likely to form within within the next day or so.  The 
system is then forecast to drift west or west-southwest over the 
southern Bay of Campeche through the middle of the week.  Interests 
along the coast of the Bay of Campeche should monitor the progress 
of this disturbance.  Regardless of tropical cyclone formation, 
heavy rainfall is likely to continue over portions of southern 
Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, and western Honduras during 
the next few days. For additional information on the rainfall 
threat, see products from your national meteorological service.
* Formation chance through 48 hours...high...80 percent.
* Formation chance through 5 days...high...80 percent.

Today marks the first day of the Atlantic hurricane season, which
will run until November 30.  Long-term averages for the number of
named storms, hurricanes, and major hurricanes are 12, 6, and 3,

The list of names for 2020 is as follows:

Name           Pronunciation    Name            Pronunciation
Arthur         AR-thur          Laura           LOOR-ruh
Bertha         BUR-thuh         Marco           MAR-koe
Cristobal      krees-TOH-bahl   Nana            NA-na
Dolly          DAH-lee          Omar            OH-mar
Edouard        ed-DWARD         Paulette        pawl-LET
Fay            fay              Rene            re-NAY
Gonzalo        gohn-SAH-loh     Sally           SAL-ee
Hanna          HAN-uh           Teddy           TEHD-ee
Isaias         ees-ah-EE-ahs    Vicky           VIH-kee
Josephine      JOH-seh-feen     Wilfred         WILL-fred
Kyle           KY-ull

Two tropical storms, Arthur and Bertha, already formed this year in 
May. The next named storm that develops this season will be 

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