Another Round Of Rain Mid-Week

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Unfortunately, those clouds were pretty persistent Tuesday. We didn’t see very much sun. Still, temperatures did climb into the low 50s, so it wasn’t nearly as chilly and unpleasant as Monday. Clouds will keep things from getting as cold tonight. Lows stay in the low 40s. Showers begin to move in from the west around 10 or 11 pm, and become widespread overnight.

That rain will probably be most widespread and heavy during the morning commute tomorrow, and thin thin out from west to east during the day Wednesday. We’re not talking about quite as much rain with this round, probably on the order of a quarter inch to a half inch for most.

Another round of showers looks likely Saturday night into Sunday morning, but again, that round of rain looks light, much lighter than Wednesday’s.

While it’s too early to get specific about the Christmas forecast, we talk a little bit about the kind of pattern we expect next week in our forecast discussion.

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