Another blustery storm: what to expect from gusty winds through Saturday

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The gusty winds that started overnight will continue through the morning and into the afternoon today.

Wind like this is enough to topple trees and interrupt electricity/utilities in seemingly random spots; remember, the ground is still soft from recent rain, and some trees are weaker because of recent storms.  Be alert for falling trees or tree branches, and secure your garbage cans, patio furniture, etc. through Saturday.

We’ll also get some showers at times Saturday!  Most of the rain looks light and spotty: on-again, off-again showers expected throughout the day until the cold front passes by in the afternoon.

Pressure gradient?  A gradient is the change in some kind of variable over a distance; sometimes it’s colors on a screen, sometimes it’s air pressure.  In this case, the difference (change) in pressure between Huntsville (North Alabama) and the low moving toward southern Wisconsin will be around 21 millibars over 600+ miles.  That’s a big change, and since the wind tends to blow from an area of higher pressure toward an area of lower pressure, we get blasted with another windy set-up through Saturday.

Colder weather follows the wind and rain: The coldest weather since mid-November means a big-time chill from Sunday through the middle of next week!  Temperatures drop off to the 20s and 10s at night (with a ‘feels like’ wind chill in the 0s and 10s on both Monday and Tuesday mornings), and daytime highs only touch the lower/middle 30s.

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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