Alabama and Oklahoma are two completely different states in completely different parts of the country. However, they have one thing in common, they are both prone to tornadoes.

The plain states are infamous for storms that produce tornadoes. States like Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas are frequently impacted by tornadoes. This part of the country is in the right spot for the warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico to interact with the strong cold fronts coming out of the Rockies. This provides a great atmosphere for the development of storms that produce tornadoes in this region.

While ingredients come together well over the plain states, it is not the only place where conditions are right for the development of tornadoes. The Southeast is another location where ingredients come together for the formation of tornadoes. This area is also prone to tornadoes, and it includes states like Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Just comparing the statewide, year-to-date tornado count from Oklahoma to Alabama, Alabama leads with a total of 53 tornadoes. Oklahoma has only seen 26 tornadoes across the state. Now, these numbers will likely increase as more tornadoes are surveyed from recent storms. Regardless, it appears that Alabama leads the way with the most tornadoes to date, so far.