This article has been updated to reflect the newly confirmed EF-0 in Jackson County from January 12.

This year has already brought some severe storms to the state of Alabama. So far this month, the state has had two rounds of severe storms move through.

When it comes to tornadoes this year, January to date has had a total of 29 tornadoes across the state. This is the highest number of recorded tornadoes in the state of Alabama in the month of January. Compared to last year, there were only seven tornadoes reported in the entire state during the month of January. On average, the state records just two tornadoes in the entire month.

Looking at the last 10 years, January 2017 brought 21 tornadoes to the state while 2015 brought 10. Of course, 2023 tops the chart with the most tornadoes.

While it’s been a busy year so far in regard to severe weather and tornadoes, keep in mind our biggest months for tornadoes are right around the corner. March and April have the highest number of tornadoes per month in the state. March has had 368 tornadoes and April has had 555, records dating 1950 to 2021.