A little snow possible Thursday night and Friday morning!

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“Little” is the key word here!

Yes, some snow is coming, but it is NOT going to (1) accumulate to anything major or (2) cause any real travel problems.

Some schools are closed on Friday because of flooding: not because of snow.  The list is here on WHNT.com.

So.  Down to business.  Who gets what tonight?

For most of us, this is a (S)NOPE. That means you may see some snowflakes, but they won’t add up to much on the ground.

Why? Warm ground and very light nature of the snowfall. The snow won’t come down hard enough to overcome the ground’s warming, melting influence.

There might be a few spots where it snows hard enough for some short-term, minor accumulations. It’s possible that a few communities in Tennessee could get up to 1″ of snow on elevated surfaces. Those spots would be few and far between.

Friday looks COLD.

We’ll warm up some this weekend, and there’s yet more rain ahead of us.

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at WHNT.com/Weather and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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