A frigid, pipe-freezing November cold night in the South

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It’s downright frigid. The formal high temperature at Huntsville International for Tuesday, November 12th will be 37°F: three degrees lower than the lowest ‘high’ on record. Tonight promises to be even colder! Expect lows between 15°F and 20°F Wednesday morning: close to the record lows for November 13th.

Record lows look like this:

12°F in Sewanee
15°F in Fayetteville & Russellville
16°F in Huntsville (HSV)
17°F in Scottsboro & Valley Head
18°F in Muscle Shoals
21°F in Decatur (records only go back to 1996)*

Some of these could be close, but it looks like Huntsville and Muscle Shoals (the two primary long-term climate stations) will come in a few degrees above the record: upper 10s and lower 20s.  Wednesday morning’s lows will be among the coldest in the first half of November in the last 30 years!

Wednesday starts frigid, but the chill wears off a little in the afternoon. Look for a sunny sky and highs in the mid-40s. That’s still nearly twenty degrees below average for mid-November!

No warm-up yet: It’s unusual to get this cold in November only to stay in a late December or early January-like chill for days on end. That’s what we have coming down the pike for the rest of the week!

The average high temperature this time of year is around 65°F. We expect daytime highs to run in the 40s and 50s through the weekend; overnight lows come out of the deep freeze but stay colder than average through the first part of next week. We likely get a freeze each morning through Saturday; it warms a little more by Sunday and Monday, but it’s not looking ‘warm’ again anytime soon.

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