A few heavy storms expected this weekend

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Hot enough yet? This is just the beginning of the longest season of the year weather-wise; summer doesn’t technically begin until June 21st, but the weather already feels like it! With that heat comes the daily chance of downpours: isolated, seemingly random thunderstorms that develop, occasionally get strong quickly, then dissipate before moving more than 10-20 miles.

Saturday looks hot and mostly dry: highs near 90ºF, a heat index between 91ºF and 96ºF, and a slim chance of some brief downpours. The chance of rain goes up Sunday and Monday because the ‘leftovers’ from a major severe weather outbreak west of us move through here bringing showers and storms (small or ‘marginal’ risk of severe weather).

Weekend specifics: Looks like summertime! Expect hot days, humid nights, and a few showers and storms in the area.

Saturday will be the drier of the two days, but neither is completely dry or wet from the vantage point of North Alabama and Southern Tennessee as a whole. In other words, your odds of rain are low – but some spotty showers and storms will exist.

If you’re looking for big-time storms or a high-end chance of rain, you’ve got to look west of us Saturday; the Storm Prediction Center’s severe weather outlook highlights an Enhanced Risk of some severe storms in Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma.

That batch of storms coalesces into a line of rain and embedded storms that moves into Alabama and Middle Tennessee between 6 AM and Noon Sunday.

So, Sunday is when the ‘leftovers’ arrive. We don’t expect an all-day rain or even an everybody-gets-rain kind of day Sunday or Monday, but the leftover energy from Saturday’s severe storms west of us will linger around on both days enhancing the chance of occasional thunderstorms.

There is a low (marginal) risk of a few severe storms in the region Sunday; we’ll keep an eye on it, but it looks more like summer storms and the risks that come with them than a major severe weather threat for this area.

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What kind of severe storms are we talking about here?  This isn’t a tornado outbreak threat; it’s not even an outbreak of strong winds or hail.  It’s a chance that a few storms could cause damaging downbursts:


Storms this time of year are disorganized yet can bring some of the nastiest weather you’ll see all year long!  We’re practically in summer as far as the weather is concerned, so get in the mindset of the kind of storms we get in this season: Guide to summer storms on WHNT.com!

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at WHNT.com/Weather and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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