A ‘cool’ summer ready to turn hotter soon

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Twenty-six days of rain this summer so far. That’s only second to the summer of 1900 for most days with measurable rain in Huntsville.

It’s the seventh-wettest summer based on rainfall totals (over four inches above average since June 1st).

It’s the sixth-coolest summer so far based on high temperatures.

And rain usually begets rain just as drought usually begets drought.

It’s just so warm and humid that we can’t completely remove the chance of scattered storms this week, so be flexible with outdoor plans – don’t outright cancel anything unless you have to have 100% completely dry weather.

Total additional rainfall through next Tuesday ends up around 0.5″ on the low end to as much as 2″ on the higher end in North Alabama and Tennessee.

Huntsville does not often hit 100ºF. Tuesday makes 656 days since the last 100ºF day.

That kind of heat stays out of the forecast for the foreseeable future. It does get quite a bit hotter in the next 10 to 14 days: closer to the ‘normal’ heat of late July and early August. ‘Normal,’ by the way, for Huntsville would be around 91ºF by day and 69ºF by night.

A ‘ridge’ develops to the west of Alabama and Tennessee this weekend/next week. That puts us in a position that generally makes it hotter and drier; storms may not go away completely, but they are fewer in number leading to hotter afternoons in the 90s instead of the 70s and 80s of late.

A change in the upper air pattern this weekend/early next week tends toward drier, hotter weather.

That ridge is not in a place that would bring record-setting (or even abnormal) heat to Alabama and Tennessee: especially with wet ground.

It is in a spot that helps bring us back to a more typical hot pattern through early August.

The Climate Prediction Center’s latest outlook shows roughly average to slightly above-average heat through the first few days of August: starting with a temperature ramp-up next week.

Out farther in the distance, longer-range guidance suggests there will be hotter air and less rain through most of August.

That’s very typical of the summer season: even when it starts out as ‘cool’ and rainy as this one has.

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