A Blue Moon Will Occur The Night Before Easter

The Weather Authority

March 30th Full Moon (Photo: Jim Spinoso)

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Like many people, you might be wondering why Easter is so early this year. Easter occurs the Sunday following the first full moon after the Spring Equinox. That full moon occurs Saturday night, the night right before Easter Sunday!

Saturday night’s full moon is also a blue moon, meaning that it’s the second full moon in March. It’s also the second blue moon of the year! The first blue moon of 2018 occurred on January 31st.

We’ll have a few high clouds out Saturday night, but we don’t expect enough cloud cover to obscure viewing. You might need a light coat, but temperatures will still be in the 50s just past midnight.

It would be better to stay up late to view the moon instead of waking up early. Clouds will thicken towards Easter Sunday, so viewing will be easier Saturday night.

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