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We’ve seen temperatures way below average to start the month of May.

Temperatures today are more akin to mid March or early November

Highs in the mid 60s are what you’d expect in mid March or early November, not May. We start to warm up pretty quickly through the rest of this month. By Thursday, we expect to be back to around average for mid May. But our first taste of summer like weather looks likely next week.

Temperatures trend above average next week

Temperatures are expected to be above average next week across most of the U.S. (everyone in the orange in the image above. For us, this could be our first run at 90° this year. The CIPS analogs give us at least a decent chance for 90° next week.

Chances of temperature exceeding 90° between May 20 and 22

So, if we don’t hit 90, we’ll be pretty close. And this warmth is expected to stick with us all the way through the end of the month.

Above average temperatures continue through late May

This pattern isn’t likely to let up as we head through the rest of May. And this pattern not only looks warm, but dry too. Jason wrote about how the water spigot seems to be shutting off for us as we head through the next several weeks. The rain isn’t going away completely over the next several days though. We still have some chances to see some rain. We’ve got the details in our forecast discussion.

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