8.2 Magnitude Earthquake Off the Coast of Alaska Thursday Morning

The Weather Authority

A magnitude 8.2 earthquake occurred off the coast Alaska Thursday morning. This prompted a *TSUNAMI WARNING* for all of the Aleutian Islands down the coast of western Canada. Even Hawaii was on alert for a bit with the potential of higher waves across the Pacific.

Here is the definition from the National Weather Service: Tsunami Warning – A tsunami warning is issued when a tsunami with the potential to generate widespread inundation is imminent, expected, or occurring. Warnings alert the public that dangerous coastal flooding accompanied by powerful currents is possible and may continue for several hours after initial arrival.

Here is a look at the Richter Scale. 8.2 is at the top of the scale. Thankfully it was offshore and it’s just a wait and see situation now if we get a tsunami along the Alaska/western Canadian coast.

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