There have already been several tornadoes reported across the state of Alabama this year. With the peak of our tornado season just around the corner, there are likely to be more.

Based on preliminary count there have been 45 tornadoes across the state of Alabama since the beginning of the year. So far during March, there have been 16 tornadoes across the state. While on average, the state only has about 7 tornadoes in March.

Compared to last year, there were 32 tornadoes in the state during the month of March. By the end of March of last year, there was a total of 48 tornadoes across the state year to date in 2022.

The upcoming month of April has historically been the worst month for tornadoes in Alabama. The month of April has had a total of 575 tornadoes since 1950. In addition to having the most tornadoes in a month, the tornado risk also increases during the month of April.

With more storms on the way through the month of April, be sure to stay with The Weather Authority and download our Live Alert 19 app to stay up to date with the latest.

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