On May 18th, 1995 a destructive F4 tornado tracked through north Alabama. This year marks 28 years since this storm produced extensive damage across the area, including the Anderson Hills Subdivision.

That day a strong low-pressure system tracked through the region with a trailing cold front attached. With a moisture riched environment and warm temperatures, the atmosphere was primed for strong to severe storm development during the afternoon.

It was during the afternoon hours that a rotating severe storm developed in northwest Alabama and then tracked eastward. By 5:30 that evening, the tornado touched down near Athens and produced a 45-mile-long damage path before lifting in Jackson County.

At the Oakdale Mobile Home, 13 mobile homes were completely destroyed and one individual was killed. Overall in Limestone County 35 buildings were damaged or destroyed and 26 mobile homes were destroyed. The tornado then tracked into Madison County where it impacted the Anderson Hills Subdivision.

The Anderson Hills Subdivision took a direct hit from the F4 tornado, there was also evidence of multiple vortex structures. A total of 21 homes were destroyed with 39 other structures experiencing severe damage. With winds ranging from 207 to 260 mph, many trees in the neighborhood were also snapped in half.

This subdivision has experienced multiple direct hits from violently rated tornadoes. From this F4 in 1995 to the EF5 tornado in 2011.