Happy New Year Tennessee Valley! The last week of 2022 was full of ups and downs weather-wise! We went from brutally cold to above-average temperatures. As we take a look back at the climatology from this past year, it ended off above average regarding rainfall for the Tennessee Valley.

While we saw bitterly cold air toward the end of December, we ended the month off near average. When it comes to the monthly average temperatures this year, combining the highs and lows, Huntsville ended the year with temperatures 0.5 degrees below normal.

When we look at each month’s average temperature specifically the year was above normal while the other half was below. This contributed to the temperatures balancing out by the end of the year. The one notable month temperature-wise would be July, which was the

When we look at the total rainfall, the area ended the year with above-average rainfall. When it comes to the yearly precipitation totals, Huntsville recorded 54.84 inches. This means that the total rain was just over a half-inch above normal.

Two notable months would be February and March, these months experienced over eight and a half inches! By the end of February, rain totals reached 8.51 inches, this is 3.4 inches above normal! During the month of March, the rain totals were slightly higher than the month before! The rain total by the end of the month was 8.62 inches, this is 3.23 inches above normal!

Year in Review: The Weather Authority and North Alabama Weather Events from 2022

Huntsville Records Set

This year in Huntsville, we broke 26 weather records. 21 of those records were temperature related, four were due to rainfall, and one was related to snowfall. Below is a look at some of the most notable records for the area!

Most Notable Records:

While there were a total of 26 records for Huntsville this past year, there were a couple that was notable. The first and most notable is the record-breaking heat in the month of July. July is also when we experienced the hottest day of the year! On July 5th, the recorded high was 100 degrees. While this was the only time we hit 100, our stretch of 90-degree-plus days reached 28.

At the end of December, the Tennessee Valley experienced some of the coldest air in years! An arctic cold air mass in place leads to air temperatures in the single digits. With the strong gusty winds, wind chill values dropped to 15 below.

Tornado Statistics

The Tennessee Valley experienced its fair share of severe storms in 2022. While these storms did form the main threats our area saw were damaging winds, hail, and heavy rain.

A total of 8 tornadoes touched down in north Alabama this past year, half those forming during the severe weather event on January first. In our area this year, none of the tornadoes that touched down led to any fatalities or injuries. Madison County recorded 3, and Colbert, DeKalb, Lauderdale, Limestone, and Morgan counties recorded 1.

As we head into the new year you can count on the Weather Authority to be there during significant weather events to keep you and your families safe!