2022 has come and gone, but not without leaving us with several billion-dollar disasters across the county. In total there were 18 natural disasters that resulted in damages that total up to $1 billion or more. These billion-dollar disasters consisted of 11 severe storm events, 3 tropical cyclone events, 1 drought event, 1 flood event, 1 wildfire event, and 1 winter storm event.

Looking at the Consumer Price Index (CPI) adjusted values for the damage cost, so far 2022 has totaled up to an estimated $165 billion. The winter storm event over Christmas weekend has not received a final damage cost estimate, therefore the total cost for the year could increase when those numbers come in.

The costliest natural disaster of 2022 was Hurricane Ian on September 28, with a total estimated damage cost of $112.9 billion. The next costliest event was the drought across the Western states coming in at an estimated $22.2 billion.

Looking at the top 5 costliest billion-dollar disaster years, 2022 came in at the number 3 spot. In the top spot is 2017, with $373.2 billion in estimated damages. Then for comparison, last year snagged the number 4 spot at $155.3 billion in damages.