August 29, 2022 is the one-year anniversary of when Hurricane Ida made landfall along the coast of Louisiana. This monstrous storm produced catastrophic damage in the communities of southeast Louisiana. Also on this day, Hurricane Katrina made a second landfall in Louisiana after first impacting Florida. Along its track, the remnants of this tropical system lead to severe weather in the Mid-Atlantic states. In New Jersey specifically, an EF3 tornado touched down.

A Look Back At Hurricane Katrina

Before making landfall in the United States, Ida made landfall as a category one hurricane in Cuba. As it continued to track towards the northwest, it moved over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It was during this time that the storm rapidly intensified into a category four hurricane. During the late morning hours on August 19, Ida made landfall southwest of New Orleans in the Lower Lafourche Parish. The storm then traveled north and pivoted northeast bringing the remnants over the Tennessee Valley. In this area, heavy rain fell in northwest Alabama with totals of one to three inches measured. Although the winds were not as strong, gusts of 35 to 40 mph led to downed trees and powerlines.

Hurricane Ida is one of the strongest and most destructive hurricanes to impact Louisiana in history but Hurricane Katrina remains the strongest. Due to the amount of death and destruction this storm produced, the name Ida was retired; making it the 96th to be retired. Along with the devastating storm surge, strong winds and heavy rain added to the catastrophic damage. Ida destroyed thousands of homes.

As we continue to get one day closer to the peak of hurricane season on September 10, coastal regions need to stay alert. The National Hurricane Center is currently monitoring four areas in the Atlantic Basin for potential development in the coming days! Stick with the Weather Authority for the latest on this.

Hurricane Committee Retires The Name Ida

The Hurricane Committee announced on April 27 that it will be retiring the name “Ida” from the list of names, making it the 12th ‘I’ named storm to be retired. There have been a total of 96 names that have been retired since 1953 which is when they started naming storms. The name was retired due to the number of individuals who lost their lives and the amount of destruction that occurred.

Above is a look at the costliest hurricanes in history from 1900 to 2021. Hurricane Ida is the fifth-costliest storm on record. Hurricane Ida was the most devastating storm of 2021 with damage costs reaching over $78 billion. The costliest storm on record was Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The destruction from Hurricane Katrina is still seen today across areas impacted.