Unsettled Week – Not As Hot – Tropics Remain Active


We head to the end of August and typically it’s the hottest time of the year. Not for 2020. Expect rain chances to be up and temperatures down to close out the month. Expect a few widely scattered showers Monday with the chances of rain and storms to increase through the week. 

The strong upper ridge that bakes the southeast this time of year yields to a cold front. With afternoon heating and with that system in the area, it will will keep us unsettled to end the month. Temperatures also ‘cool off’ into the middle to upper 80s to conclude July.

Bye Hanna – Hello To ‘Isaias’ Soon!

Hanna made landfall as a hurricane over the weekend. That system is a tropical depression over Mexico. No more advisories from the National Hurricane Center on that system. Now we turn our attention to the far east Atlantic. The next system has a 90% chance to form into a tropical depression over the next five days.

Guidance takes it west and northwest in the coming days closer to the Islands later this week. After that, models move it northwesterly. Plenty of time to watch this one. ‘Isaias’ is the next name!

The intensity guidance has the system as a tropical storm over the next week with a few models increasing it to hurricane status. 

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