Stormy weather lasts through Saturday morning


The first wave of rain and storms moving into Alabama tonight has not caused many severe weather problems here, but large hail, damaging winds and incredible rainfall led to some flooding in eastern Mississippi Friday evening. Rain-cooled air is preventing large thunderstorm development, but we will be on the lookout for additional storm development overnight into Saturday morning.

Main threats?

  • Heavy rainfall
  • Wind gusts over 40 MPH
  • Small hail

A storm or two along a line early Saturday morning could get stronger: briefly becoming severe with high winds or large hail.

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Speaking of sheltering plans, you need to think about it in two ways: a 5-minute plan and a longer-duration one. Storms like these don’t often give us 30 minutes of lead-time on a warning; think of what you’ll do if you only have five minutes to prepare for a rapidly strengthening storm, especially if it blows through in the middle of the night.

The News 19 Weather Authority will stay on top of this situation and provide updates on TV and online — continue to monitor the weather for updates as the storms roll through.

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