Tuesday’s still hot & humid with some spotty storms


The nice breath of cooler, fresher air from the Fourth of July weekend passed quickly, and now it’s back to the sticky, steamy, hot and muggy weather of mid-summer in Alabama! Temperatures fall to the upper 60s and lower 70s early Tuesday morning under a fair, hazy sky; it still gets hot in the afternoon, too: highs around 85ºF on the lower end to 91ºF on the hotter end by mid-afternoon.

There’s also a chance of a few spotty showers and storms; however, most of us won’t get much rain until storms become more numerous on Wednesday.

Scattered storms firing up again this week

Last week’s rainfall painted a great picture of the definition of scattered:

Some got it, some didn’t, and those who did get it got a LOT!

Radar estimated rainfall from last Monday through July 5th tells the story: some with a small fraction of an inch from days of scattered storms, others with four to five inches of total rainfall in the same timeframe. The difference over a few miles, or even a few city blocks, can be astounding!

It’s more of that this week.

Each day brings a chance of some scattered storms, and each storm has potential to be very heavy over a small area.

Wednesday looks like the best chance of rain and storms, but even then, some of us get hammered with heavy rain while others miss out on the soaking. That’s the pattern this time of year: even with a tropical cyclone (Elsa) nearby.

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