Two ‘areas of interest’ could become named storms by the weekend


The National Hurricane Center is watching an area of low pressure develop over the western Gulf of Mexico. It’s one of two ‘areas of interest’ in the Atlantic basin that could become named tropical cyclones by the weekend.

In the Gulf…

The development over the western Gulf will bring a lot of wind and rain to Texas, no matter if it gets a name or not.

An unusually strong ‘ridge’ over Alabama and Tennessee ensures any impacts from this windy, wet weather stay far to our southwest; however, the impact in Texas could be significant as more heavy rain falls on areas that have already had 6 to 12 inches of rain this week.

In the Atlantic…

A swirl near Bermuda has a high chance of development through the weekend; however, it has a low chance of impacting any land whatsoever as a tropical or subtropical cyclone.

If either of these storms develop, Ana is the first name; Bill is the second on the list.

While it is outside of the normal “start” of hurricane season, it is not unusual for tropical storms to form in the month of May. In fact, at least one tropical depression and/or tropical storm has formed in the month of May for the past 6 years, and some years have even featured two. In the entirety of the Atlantic hurricane basin records, as many as 52 tropical depressions and tropical depressions have formed in the month of May. Some storms have formed even earlier in the month of April.

The peak of hurricane season traditionally occurs in mid-September.

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