Total Rainfall Now Above Average For Month Of January

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Last week, we told you a very rainy pattern would be in place across the Tennessee Valley.

That worked out to be fairly accurate.

Rain totals soared over the past 7 days. We now sit at over 6″ of rain for the month, which is over an inch above average. for the entire month, and we’ve still got over half the month left to go!

So, with all this rain, why didn’t we see a lot more flooding? Well, while we did see some flooding, particularly in northwest Alabama, the rain was spread out over several waves, rather than one or two incredibly intense rain events. That’s why we haven’t seen the kind of flooding we saw last winter, but we are closing in on average (meteorological) winter rainfall, with over 6 weeks to go in the season.
Thankfully, it looks like a reprieve from the rainy pattern is on the way next week, but the drier pattern will be much colder too. 

Meteorologist Alex Puckett

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