Tornado Confirmed In Colbert County

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Estimated winds between 86-110 mph in western Colbert County

The National Weather Service in Huntsville confirmed an EF-1 tornado in Colbert County. Here is their statement from Wednesday morning:

Based off preliminary reports from Colbert Co EMA and radar data, we can confirm an EF-1 Tornado in western Colbert County. The PRELIMINARY damage path for our coverage area will start at the state line near Natchez Trace Pkwy and continue through approx. CR21 (near Buzzard Roost Creek). More details on this path will be released by tomorrow as we upload the damage information to our program and analyze the specifics. At this time, we are not planning on sending any survey teams out in the field.

We are obviously taking into account considerations from the CDC and doing what we can to be socially responsible. In this case, the information we received from Colbert EMA is more than sufficient to make a determination.

Here is what the Correlation Coefficient looked like from Tuesday evening. What are we looking for? Anything that is blue/green/yellow is a foreign object. It’s not rain. The radar detects ‘debris’ and that’s what you see in these images.

Here is a look at the shear rate. The red area indicates the highest rate of shear within the storm from Tuesday evening.

Check out the shear path coming out of the Mississippi into west Alabama. Interesting that circulation traveled across the entire state (Well over 100 miles).

Shear path out of Tishomingo County, Mississippi, into western Alabama

Here is the EF Scale:

Colbert County Tornado – EF-1

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