Too cold for snow?

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Anytime there is a presence of very cold air in the Tennessee Valley, one question almost always follows: is it going to snow?

There were reports of snow flurries over a large part of the Tennessee Valley today, but it was barely enough to even detect by radar.

There is a common belief that it can be too cold for snow. Keep this in mind-- in places much colder than the Tennessee Valley, it snows all winter long.

While there is some truth to this statement, it really has more to do with how dry the cold air is. And typically, the colder the air, the drier it is.

Here in the Tennessee Valley, we typically do not see our biggest snows when the temperature is way down in the teens and single digits.

If you'll remember back to late January of 2014 when Birmingham and Atlanta were forced to a halt due to snow and ice. Snow amounts weren't outrageously high, but the air temperatures were quite cold. The bitterly cold road temperatures allowed the dry snow to stick to the pavement, creating a slippery traffic nightmare.