The Carolinas Preparing For Isaias – Drier Pattern For the Tennessee Valley


Isaias will be a big player in the forecast the Carolinas over the next couple days. The system will make landfall late Monday into Tuesday over the Carolinas bringing heavy rain to that region. Hurricane/Tropical Storm Warnings are up across the Eastern Carolinas into the Middle Atlantic.

The good news for us, Isaias had no impact for the Tennessee Valley. It will however bring in some drier air in the coming days. We’ll have a northwest flow behind the system. That will dry us out and keep in the humidity in check. Look for below average temperatures and rain chances for several days across the Tennessee Valley.

It’s been such a wet 2020 and now things are changing! It’s dry overall when you look at the stats from June and July. We haven’t had much. Typically July is dry and we only had 3.32″. That’s a little below the average of 4.05″. What does August have in store? It will be very dry over the first week and a half at least. We will see what happens after that.

Enjoy the pleasant and relatively dry start to August. Historically this is the hottest part of the summer. Not this year! Get the forecast here

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