Summer storm season underway this week


Lightning from a distant storm/Jeff Horton

Scattered storms return

A few spotty storms develop around Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee on Tuesday. Most of them stay west of the Huntsville area; however, it’s not impossible to see a brief downpour on a hot, humid afternoon (highs in the mid-80s) around Huntsville, Madison, Decatur or Athens. The chance is a little better around The Shoals.

A different kind of storm season?

June is high time for summer storms. In fact, we move out of the ‘classic’ severe weather season of spring storms into simply ‘thunderstorm’ season.

This is the time of year in which those afternoon ‘pop up’ variety thunderstorms can really rock and roll because they have so much hot, humid air fueling them! The Storm Prediction Center’s severe weather climatology actually shows the highest thunderstorm threat of the year from early June to mid-July in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee:

SPC severe probability based on climatology

This is almost all just a hot, humid environment creating tall thunderstorms that can easily collapse; that collapse is what causes isolated pockets of damaging wind!

Lightning is also incredibly intense and prolific in the summer months! It’s dangerous and powerful doing things like causing asphalt to explode or doing something like this:

Incredible lightning strike in Morgan City, Louisiana in 2020

Keep that in mind for the next few days.

Thunderstorms developing this week (and next) will not be driven along by powerful storm systems; that makes them seem random and disorganized from our vantage point. It’s all the more reason to have Live Alert 19 handy whether you’re working outdoors, enjoying recreation time, or planning an outdoor event this time of year!

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Naturally, the days with more scattered storms end up being a little cooler than those with few or none at all. We won’t see another push of cool, dry air anytime soon, though, so even on the ‘cooler’ days the air still feels very much like early summertime.

This kind of weather lasts through the first ten days of June: a daily chance of some scattered storms, muggy nights and hot, humid days.

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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