Storms likely through Tuesday night: a few could be severe


Shelf cloud in northern Limestone County from Chris Lindsey

A few ‘strong’ storms moving across North Alabama and Southern Tennessee are kicking up the wind and dropping a load of rain. Storms are likely through 9 PM; another batch moves in behind that one between midnight and 4 AM. While severe weather is possible (mainly from wind), we do not expect widespread destructive storms.

This is what one of those storms looked like in Meridianville Tuesday afternoon. It produced a 44 MPH wind gust at Meridianville (Madison County Executive Airport):

Another storm in Limestone County had gusts around 50-60 MPH based on this damage:

What to expect:

These storms are what we often refer to as ‘locally heavy.’ That means they’re heavy over specific locations, but they do not cover an entire region like “North Alabama” or “Tennessee.”

  • Strong winds: gusts to 60 miles per hour are possible, but most storms will only be in the 30-40 MPH range Tuesday evening.
  • Heavy rainfall: up to 2″ of rain may fall from an individual storm
  • Small hail (smaller than a quarter)
  • Intense lightning: the most underrated yet the most dangerous thing in storms this time of year. Hear thunder? Stay inside!

Total rainfall from the HRRR short-term model shows some ‘locally-heavy’ downpours! Isolated areas of two-plus inches of rain next to areas of no rain at all.

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Another threat of heavy storms on Wednesday

We expect more scattered, unevenly-distributed, locally-heavy thunderstorms Wednesday, and the same ‘what to expect’ applies: heavy rain, wind, hail and dangerous lightning are all expected.

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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