Spotty showers return Friday, some snowflakes possible next week!


It gets cold again tonight: expect lows in the upper 30s by sunrise Friday. Black Friday starts cold and dry. Clouds thicken through the day, and some spotty showers are possible in the afternoon and evening; even with the clouds, daytime highs manage to climb into the 64°F to 69°F range.

Showers pass through ahead of a cold front Friday night into Saturday morning, but our next good chance of a soaking rain holds off until Sunday.

The weekend outlook

A slow-moving, strengthening storm system embedded in the southern branch of jet stream moves this way Saturday and passes overhead Sunday.

Ahead of it, Saturday looks like a decent day around here! It’s chilly in the morning with a limited chance of some leftover showers after sunrise; it’s mild in the afternoon: temperatures just a bit above average in the upper 50s and lower 60s with a mostly sunny sky and a light north-northeast wind.

Sunday, on the other hand, doesn’t look quite as nice; however, a good soaking rain would not be all bad! Huntsville International Airport only has 0.56″ of rain on the month; that’s sixth-driest since 1894! We will add to that total substantially Sunday afternoon and evening with a good, steady soaking rain falling over most of Alabama and Southern Tennessee. Showers begin early in the day, but the heaviest rain likely holds off until after lunchtime and lasts through Sunday night.

That rain happens ahead of a strong cold front. Once it passes, get set for some of the coldest air of the season to blast in on Monday!

How cold are we talking here?

Next week brings the coldest weather in months. The last time it was even close to as cold as we expect next week was back in late February. It’s been 278 days since the temperature dropped below 29ºF (Feb. 22nd).

The first week to 10 days of December looks substantially colder than average (50s by day, 30s at night). We may not be breaking records, but you’ll definitely notice the difference!

Sunday night’s front brings a surge of cold, polar air into the region with a stiff north wind Monday. That drives wind chills (feels like temps) down into the 20s by Monday morning, and it won’t feel much warmer in the afternoon.

The disturbance creating the rainy weather Sunday merges with a deepening ‘trough’ in the polar jet stream Sunday night into Monday. This merged low gets cut off from the main jet stream flow and could set up a major winter storm just north of Alabama and Tennessee early next week!

There *might* be just enough moisture left for some snow flurries or snow showers Monday and Monday night, but the really significant snow with this system misses us to the north. Some model guidance projects more than 6-12″ of snow in the Ohio Valley; we aren’t likely to get that this far south.

It’ll stay colder than normal all week, and some more showers (or even a little mixed precipitation) develops with the chill by Thursday and Friday.

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